About us

The African Startup Hub is a collection of resources being used by various startup support organisations that are supporting entrepreneurs on the continent. Instead of each building our own proprietary siloed version, it made more sense to collectively contribute to a shared hub and make that publicly available.

This stems from the realization that most startup content is highly commoditized and the real value that accelerators, incubators and venture builders bring is their know-how and experience of what to use when. By releasing some of our approaches and content into the wild, we're hoping to help create the next generation of African entrepreneurs and to build a more coherent network of support partners.

With Founders Factory Africa as the custodians we are always looking to grow the network of partners to add to, update and use the content available here. If you'd like to contribute please get in touch.


The content that is shared in the Activites section and the free Playbooks is published under The Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license unless explicity stated in the relevant section. This provides free use to build on modify and commercialise the content, provided you provide clear attribution of the origional source and auther and must publish it under the same license. All authors retain copyright and ownership of their published works.