Growth as a process

The 1 Line Description

Process beats tactics. Here's our process for reliable Growth Hacking.

When to use it

From the very start.

Key Ideas

#1) It's all about process!

Growth has nothing to do with tactics and everything to do with process!

#2) The Growth Process

I'd recommend using the Traction Bullseye Framework from an early stage. (Summarized here)

#3) Define a good Growth Model to drives optimal focus

The well known, but generic "pirate metrics" funnel provides a good starting point for thinking about what drives growth in your business: 

You'll want to break this down into the unique Growth Drivers of your business. An example of this below: 

Basic intro to ICE Scores. (Impact x Confidence x Ease)

  1. Impact demonstrates how much your idea will positively affect the key metric you’re trying to improve.
  2. Confidence shows how sure you are about Impact. It is also about ease of implementation in some way.
  3. Ease is about the ease of implementation. It is an estimation of how much effort and resources are required to implement and test this idea.

The key goal of ICE is to prevent you from being bogged down in trying to fine-tune the score too much. However, according to many experts, the method is good enough to get the job done.