Customer Discovery

The 1 Line Description

How to really understand your users & what they need through customer discovery.

When to use it

At the very start, even before you start building a product.

Key Ideas

#1) Humbly accept the uncertainty in your assumptions

Almost no-one starts out with the right product. It's your job to put your assumptions to the test as rapidly as possible.

#2) View customer interviews as experiments

Your customer persona's are just guesses, based on how you view your customers. Interviews help us to put these guesses to the test.

#3) Clearly defined assumptions fuel rapid learning

Good science involves making predictions before running an experiment. The predictions are based on your assumptions, which are just guesses.

The more clearly you can define your assumptions & predictions, the faster you'll learn.

Customer Persona templates & Canvases help to make explicit the assumptions which matter most.

#4) Discovery interviews are for you to learn, not to sell!