Creativity Triggers for Product Ideation

The 1 Line Description

26 Helpful creativity triggers to spur effective Product Ideation.

When to use it

Whenever searching for great new product ideas.

Key Ideas

This articles presents a quick summary / set of extracts from this longer blog post, by Tony Ulwick

We (Strategyn) have translated the creativity principles of several popular methods, along with all the TRIZ principles, into 3 sets of actionable, context-specific creativity triggers:

  1. Product platform creativity triggers; for conceptualizing altogether new product and service platforms
  2. Business model creativity triggers; for business model ideation
  3. Feature set creativity triggers; for conceptualizing features for products

The triggers are certain to jump-start and fuel your next ideation session.

[in this article we'll look only at part 1 - ideation for new product and service platforms]

Generating platform-level ideas


The creativity triggers listed in Table 1 are designed to stimulate the conceptualization of a variety of creative and potentially breakthrough value delivery platforms. All the triggers can be used to ignite idea creation for a brand-new platform, and a subset (triggers 8–26) can be employed to improve an existing product or service platform without impacting its subsystems or the business model.

Triggers that have the most applicability are often selected in advance of an ideation session, and at the appropriate time, are introduced to the team. Next, teams are shown how to incorporate them into their creative process.


As in any discipline, with practice and experience, it becomes easier to select and use these triggers to stimulate ideas that address underserved customer needs.


Considering some of the triggers in reverse may provide a would-be inventor with additional insight and fresh ideas. For example, one might reverse trigger 24, “reduce the weight of the platform,” and consider increasing its weight.