Creativity Triggers for Feature Ideation

The 1 Line Description

A powerful approach to feature ideation and product development. (+14 creativity triggers)

When to use it

During product ideation, when brainstorming new features.

Key Ideas

This articles presents a quick summary / set of extracts from this longer blog post, by Tony Ulwick

Generating product and service features

A feature is defined here as something tangible or intangible that performs a function that allows customers to better satisfy a desired outcome. A feature is integrated into a value delivery platform (product/service) and may take many forms — it may be a piece of information, an action, or, of course, a component, a material, or a part of a physical object.


The value delivery platform (product/service) is constructed to help get the job done, while features are added to the platform to better satisfy specific desired outcomes.

Creativity can be triggered to generate valuable features using the creativity triggers listed in Table 3. The first step is to understand the specific desired outcome the customer wants satisfied when getting the job done, and to focus on one underserved outcome at a time.