Analytics (Intro with Mixpanel)

The 1 Line Description

A quick view of the implementation roadmap & some of the key features on Mixpanel.

When to use it

As early as possible, to optimize conversions at every stage of the sales funnel.

Key Ideas

From a workshop run by Steve with an FFA cohort.

Full slide-deck here. (12 slides) 

Selected slides copied below, with some brief intro: 

Step-by-step implementation guide: 

  1. Pick your analytics provider
  2. Map out your metrics that matter - eg. Mixpanel framework 
  3. Create a tracking plan - your single source of truth for your analytics events and properties
  4. Implement the custom events and properties
  5. QA and testing
  6. Build out the reporting dashboards
  7. Start making data-driven decisions about your product and growth!