The One Sentence Project

The 1 Line Description

Leverage the power of focus to cut through the noise!

When to use it

Every day when communicating about your mission and approach.

Key Ideas

This concept is very nicely captured by renowned author Dan Pink in the 4 minute video below.

Here is my bullet point summary of the core idea:

  • Advice given to President Kennedy early in his career: "A great man is a sentence. Anyone who's ever achieved something in their lives isn't trying to do 97 different things, but rather trying to do 1 or big transcendent things."


  • Abe Lincoln - Preserved the union & Freed the slaves.
  • FDR - Lifted us out of the great depression and helped us win a world war.

So, what is the sentence for your organization? What is your unchanging core? 

Are you consistently reminding the world about your core mission?