Making The Most of a Mentor

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A summary of a guide on how to be a great mentee. Full guide linked in the article.

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Making the Most of a Mentor

Why do I need a mentor?

The trouble with being an early-stage entrepreneur, is having very little guidance on where to start and how to get things going. Having a mentor who is a little further down the line can be extremely useful in providing support throughout the growth process.

Where to find a mentor?

There is no fixed way to find a mentor. However, knowing what you are looking for makes finding it much easier. Explore your network, approach those whose position you would want to be in in the future, use online platforms such as LinkedIn, and interact with local business hubs.

It is also important to decide which type of mentor relationship would be the most beneficial for you. A business mentor can assist you with business fundamentals, an industry mentor can give you specific insights in your field, and a personal growth mentor can help you develop your 'soft skills'.

The research strongly indicates that having a mentor correlates highly with longevity in business. Research from UPS in the United States showed that 70% of mentored businesses survive for more than 5 years. Even as an employee, Forbes found that employee retention rates increase by more than 20% when an employee is actively mentored.

To find out more about making the most out of a mentor, Launch League's workbook provides a great guide.